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Forensic toxicology and methods of laboratory analysis

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Most of medical laboratory specialists are aware of how to extract vital samples, but not all of them know how to extract non-vital samples such as alcohol. - Drugs - anonymous substances because it is availability privacy in the forensic laboratories of the Ministry of Interior and Forensic Medicine and The techniques of the devices depend entirely on the extraction of the active substance, so the results are based on the specialist examining and with the annual development of the types of toxins and the results of the metabolism and the different nature of the sample by the chemical analysis don't know much about the latest updates in toxicolog.


  • Rehabilitation of participants in medical samples of toxins and drugs to have the ability to interpret and conclude skills
  • Qualify them to distinguish between laboratory devices, discover features and defects and repair
  • identifying Problems that you may encounter while dealing with medical devices and samples
  • Capacity Development in Laboratory Testing and Analysis
  • Developing practical capabilities in specialized safety in medical sampling procedures

Main Theme

  • Definition of toxicology and its types
  • Description and identification of poison and drug samples
  • Methods and analysis of forensic toxicology samples
  • How to work with samples in forensic laboratories
  • Types of modern techniques used for forensic toxicology analysis and their working principle


It will be able to

  • extract non-vital samples
  • recognize the type of samples and how to read the results
  • distinguish between laboratory techniques and detect defects and errors and fix them
  •  infer differences between laboratory and forensic laboratories

Target Audience

  • Science/Assistant
  • Medical Technology
  • Student/Intern
  • Laboratory Science


  • Faisal Fahad Almutairi

    Laboratory Science

    Forensic Laboratories