medical students in saudi arabia
medical students in saudi arabia
medical students in saudi arabia

Therapeutic sessions for methamphetamine addiction and treatment stage challenges

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SCHSSaudi Commission for Health Specialties

5 continuing medical education hours


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It is said that it is the most serious type of addiction, many cases have been recorded that have recently spread, and cause tragic family incidents, the consequences of which are aggressive and potentially insane, so it is necessary to learn about this drug and how addicts can be treated and the importance of care for the patient during treatment and after.


  • Clarify the meth and amphetamine and the differences between them
  • Describe the proper approach for addictive patients and treatment options during each stage
  • Recognize the role and importance of social service in the treatment stages of the patient
  • Identify how can detect an addicted patient and caring him

Main Theme

  • Introduction to and difference between methamphetamine and amphetamine anaesthetic
  • Patient's first visit How the screening and diagnosis process takes place
  • How can an addict's condition be distinguished if it is (beginner-medium-deteriorating)?
  • Treatment methods at each of the three stages
  • How to deal with relapsed cases?
  • What psychological, physical and health symptoms do you have on your sucker?
  • What are the feelings and feelings of adolescents?
  • What are the symptoms of aspiration withdrawal?
  • Signs of falling into the circle of addiction
  • The role of social service and psychology in pursuing addiction treatment and its importance to the patient?
  • Post-treatment care


By the end of this webinar, the participants will be able to:

  • identify how to use the proper approach with the addicted patient and the causes of addiction -
  • Describe how to activate the related multidisciplinary during the treatment plan.

Target Audience

  • Student/Intern
  • Resident/Fellow
  • Physician
  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • Social Service
  • Psychology


  • DR.Fatima Muhmmad kaki