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Effective response to health crises and disasters

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we identified a learning gap among participants in Effective response to health crises and disasters Learners may Lack of understanding of the terminology and concepts related to health crises and disasters.

  • Inadequate skills in developing comprehensive preparedness plans tailored to different scenarios, including risk assessment, resource allocation, and stakeholder involvement.
  • Limited understanding of emergency management principles and response strategies required for readiness in various contingencies.
  • Inadequate skills in identifying and evaluating misinformation and rumors to distinguish accurate information from falsehoods.
  • Lack of knowledge of telemedicine technologies and platforms available for delivering remote healthcare services.


  • Identify different types of health crises and disasters, along with their characteristics and potential impacts.
  • Formulate preparedness plans tailored to different scenarios
  • Develop strategies for effectively communicating accurate information to the public, addressing misconceptions, and countering false narratives.
  • Understand the concept of telemedicine and remote healthcare delivery and its potential applications during health crises.
  • Implement protocols and procedures for managing surge capacity, including allocation of personnel, equipment, and space.


By the end of this event, the learners will be able to Evaluate coordination efforts and identify opportunities for improvement based on real

  • world case studies and experiences.
  • Develop comprehensive preparedness plans for different health crisis scenarios, considering factors such as risk assessment, resource allocation, and community engagement.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of prepared plans through simulations, drills, and scenario-based exercises.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in utilizing teleme

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    Emergency Medical Services

    Emergency Medical Services