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Improving the quality of crisis and disaster response

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Need for access to updated literature, case studies, and expert insights on various healthcare crises and disaster scenarios.

  • Lack of interactive learning platforms or simulations that replicate real-life crisis situations for hands-on training and skill development.
  • Requirement for cross- Support needed for integrating technological solutions into existing healthcare systems and workflows to enhance crisis response capabilities.
  • Emphasis on capacity building in leadership, communication, and decision-making skills for healthcare professionals involved in crisis management roles.
  • Establishment of mechanisms for ongoing evaluation, feedback, and improvement of crisis management plans and strategies. Addressing these learning needs and gaps can contribute significantly to building robust healthcare crisis management capabilities and enhancing overall resilience in the face of emergencies and disasters.


  • Define and categorize various types of crises and disasters affecting healthcare systems.
  • Analyze case studies and real-life examples to understand successful responses to healthcare crises and disasters.
  • Recognize common challenges and gaps in crisis management within healthcare systems.
  • Evaluate strategies aimed at addressing identified challenges and gaps in crisis management.
  • Design and implement capacity-building programs to enhance readiness and competency in crisis response.


By the end of this event, the learners will be able to Gain comprehensive knowledge of various crises and disasters impacting healthcare systems.

  • Develop analytical skills to evaluate case studies and real-life examples of effective crisis responses.
  • Cultivate strategic thinking capabilities to devise proactive approaches for crisis preparedness and response.
  • Enhance proficiency in utilizing technology and innovative solutions to optimize crisis management processes.
  • Demonstrate a commitment

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    Emergency Medical Services