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Advanced proficiency in sterilization and infection prevention techniques

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Based on our survey, we found a gap in participants' understanding of advanced sterilization techniques, particularly in the areas of sterilization validation, quality control procedures, and equipment operation, which can be addressed through targeted training and support initiatives.


  • Recognize the principles underlying advanced sterilization techniques.
  • Define the process of sterilization validation and monitoring.
  • Apply quality control procedures in sterilization operations.
  • Analyze the function and operation of sterilization equipment.
  • Construct effective packaging and container systems for sterilization.
  • Solve challenges related to safety measures during AST procedures.
  • Formulate strategies for implementing advanced sterilization techniques.
  • Analyze case studies to identify successful applications of AST.
  • Construct protocols for ensuring safety during sterilization procedures.
  • Formulate recommendations for improving sterilization efficacy based on case studies.


Participants will demonstrate advanced proficiency in sterilization and infection prevention techniques by effectively recognizing principles, applying procedures, analyzing equipment functions, formulating strategies, and constructing protocols based on case studies and real-world scenarios.

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  • osama Khalaf haj mouhammad

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