medical students in saudi arabia
medical students in saudi arabia
medical students in saudi arabia

Improving Patient Experience and Clinical Excellence

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By conducting our need assessment, we found that there is a shortage of knowledge among target participants about patient experiences as follows:

  • Deficit knowledge about how to rising excellence during management plan focusing on the patients needs
  • Lack of information about the health care system depending on the patients needs.
  • Weak awareness to build a relationship with the patient by different ways
  • Unfamiliarity about the importance of positive working environment
  • Insufficiency of facts about the importance of soft skills during caring patients


  • Identify how to explore patient needs
  • Clarify how to improve patient experience during the management plan
  • Describe how to improved and modify health care system depends on the patient's needs
  • Illustrate how to enhance the communications skills in the health care institution
  • Explain how to build a strong relationship with patients
  • Listing the Standards which make the Person-centered care
  • Explaining how to improve the working environment and how can reflect positively on the patient satisfaction


  • Recognize how to enhance patient experiences during the management plan which is depending on the patients needs by using health care system and other tools.
  •  Explain how to to building a strong relationship with patients by using a professional soft skills
  • Identify the importance and benefits of creating a positive work environment on the staff and patients

Target Audience

All professions Medicals


  • Noura Almehmadi

    Healthcare & Hospitals

    Health Information Management

  • Abdulaziz Hashim Ashammari

    Healthcare & Hospitals

    HealthCare Administration

  • Mahmoud Usama Sabry


    General Practitioners