medical students in saudi arabia
medical students in saudi arabia

How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper in Healthcare

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SCHSSaudi Commission for Health Specialties

6 continuing medical education hours


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Erfan hospital - jeddah

4 floor - nabil zamzami hall

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This module will provide an introductory overview of the principles and practice of research. Beginners and researchers will be able to find a suitable proposal and write their research. By the end of this module, they will be able to write and differentiate between all sections of research. Also, they can publish their manuscripts as reviews or research articles.

Main Theme

  • How do I find a research proposal? 
  • How to write this research proposal? 
  • Is the problem with researchers regarding Language or research flow? 
  • What is the different between research project and research article? 
  • What is the different between research article and research review? 
  • What is the best way to write and link results to the discussion part? 
  • How do I apply for highly prestigious journals, and what is the best idea to be accepted? 
  • How do I become a reviewer for these journals?

Target Audience

All professions Medicals


  • Dr. Abdulrahman Theyab

    Laboratory Science

    Clinical Biochemistry - Endocrinology