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Risk Factors in Transmission of Infection and Safety Guidelines

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6 continuing medical education hours


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Event content


  • Overview of infectious diseases
  • Modes of transmission (direct, indirect, airborne, etc.)
  • Risk factors for transmission
  • Role of hand hygiene in infection prevention
  • Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection:
  • Respiratory Hygiene and Cough Etiquette:
  • Safe Injection Practices:
  • Disposal of sharps and medical waste


  • Differentiate and describe the modes of transmission of infectious diseases, including direct, indirect, and airborne transmission.
  • Identify key risk factors for the transmission of infectious diseases and articulate the critical role of hand hygiene in infection prevention.
  • Clarify how to proficient in executing proper environmental cleaning and disinfection protocols, as well as demonstrating effective respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette practices.
  • Illustrate how to implement safe injection practices, specifically focusing on the proper disposal of sharps and medical waste to ensure a secure healthcare environment.


By the end of this event, the participants will be able to:

Recognize how to proficiently differentiate and describe modes of infectious disease transmission, identify key risk factors, articulate the critical role of hand hygiene, execute proper environmental cleaning and disinfection, and implement safe injection practices with a focus on proper disposal, ensuring a secure healthcare environment.

Target Audience

All professions Medicals


  • Marwa Salah Ahmed Osman

    Laboratory Science

    Microbiology Laboratory