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Genomic Insights from DNA to Data Analysis

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SCHSSaudi Commission for Health Specialties

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The scientific committee decided to conduct this event to fill the gap among participants which was a shortage of knowledge about Genomic Insights as follows: - Shortage of knowledge about the flow of information from DNA to RNA to protein in the cell and how transcription - Deficit information about polymorphisms in Mendelian and complex disorders and how linking to disease processes - Weak awareness of fundamentals of the genomic principles and diagnostic genetic testing - Lack of knowledge about the importance of standards in the clinical bioinformatics - Poor awareness of capturing information on genomic sequences and related theories.


  • Discuss the flow of information from DNA to RNA to protein in the cell.
  • Describe the transcription of DNA to mRNA and the protein synthesis process.
  • Clarify the role of polymorphisms in Mendelian and complex disorders and give examples of polymorphisms involved in genetic disease.
  • Explain fundamental genomic principles, including the scope and aims of genomics and its development.
  • Describe the biological background to diagnostic genetic testing and clinical genetics, and the role of bioinformatics.
  • Clarify and justify the importance of standards, best practice guidelines, and standard operating procedures: how they are developed, improved, and applied to clinical bioinformatics.
  • Explain and give examples of the theory of sequence analysis and the use of genome analysis tools.
  • Explain fundamental bioinformatics principles, including the scope and aims of bioinformatics and its development.
  • Illustrate resources linking polymorphism to disease processes
  • Describe appropriate bioinformatics databases capturing information on genomic sequences.


By the end of this event, the learners will be able to: Recognize the important information about Genomic Insights from different aspects and capture information on genomic sequences depending on the proper scientific approach.

Target Audience

  • Student/Intern
  • Physician
  • Laboratory Science
  • Science/Assistant
  • Medical Technology


  • Dr.Abdulrahman Alasiri

    Medical Technology

    Health Bioinformatics

  • MS.Raneem AlHarbi

    Laboratory Science

    Medical Genetics - Molecular Genetics