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Meeting and Teams Management in Healthcare

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  • Based on training need assessment using focus group, we find lack of awareness about the function and role of committees and teams in healthcare organisations.
  • Based on training needs assessment, we find that target group do not know how to manage committees in their organisation
  • In our periodic evaluation, the target group have a shortage on the skills on using committee recommendations as improvement opportunity
  • By Observation, we find that target group have poor ability to differentiate between the committee and team in the organisations
  • Due to requirement by CBAHI, there is a list of committees and teams must be implemented and monitored


  • Describe the committee management program
  • Apply the concepts of team management
  • Explain the functions of committees and teams
  • identify different types of committees
  • Analyse the committees and team performance performance
  • construct the annual plan for committee meetings
  • Employ the improvement methodology using the committees meetings outcomes
  • Explain CBAHI Requirements for healthcare committees and teams
  • Use task force teams in the organisation to achieve projects


  • Making the target group to remember the basic concepts of related to committees such as definition, formation, roles and responsibilities 
  • Support the target group to create comprehensive system for committee in their organisations 
  • Support the target group to apply the concepts of teamwork formation (team forming stages) 
  • Helping the target group to understand the role of committees in quality improvement program 
  • Empowering the target group to remember all medical and non-medical

Target Audience

All professions Medicals


  • Nabil Abdullah Y Osayri

    Laboratory Science

    Laboratory Quality Management